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A brand new, modern and meticulous design from Demsaş.

Designed to achieve a contemporary kitchen project, Demsaş Calypso allows you to create a modern and personalized kitchen that meets all the needs of new lifestyles with the wonderful harmony of all its units and the warmth provided by wood.

Demsaş Calypso, produced with a unique lacquer workmanship; The minimal line it creates with its bright and flawless surface and its self-handled form arouses admiration.

Black aluminum frame cover; It eliminates the details with the handle design without disturbing the integrity of the kitchen. The lighting detail placed in the wardrobe in the section that adds elegance and quality to the environment with its bronze glass provides calmness to the environment.

The naturalness and spaciousness offered by the wood blended with modern lines make your kitchen unique.

What makes a kitchen special; It is produced for you according to your style and needs. Demsaş Calyspo, whose main goal in design is maximum efficiency, reveals an aesthetic value above your expectations.

Available colors and materials

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