Modular kitchen; It is the name of the system, which is formed by combining modules of different sizes consisting of elements such as body, cover, crown, base, workbench, skirting board, and accessories, which allows you to construct different designs in each kitchen size. Modular kitchen systems suitable for the project, allowing designs that meet the demands and expectations of the user; It provides the opportunity to equip kitchens with features such as corner mechanisms, cellar baskets, various lighting systems that make blind spots in the corners available.

Another important issue is; The price of a kitchen bought in the modular kitchen system consists of the total price of the modules and accessories used in your project prepared exclusively for you. This means that a product other than the products you pay for and buy is not included in the price. The modular kitchen system can not be priced in square meters or meters because you pay the price of the kitchen with the modules you want.

The researches show that the average usage time of the kitchen is 20 years, the time spent in the kitchen is 2 hours on average and the cabinets are opened and closed more than 80 times a day. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, the kitchen must be ergonomically correct for the kitchen user to be carried out without forcing the body and in the most practical way. This is possible with modular kitchen systems.

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