I want to renew my kitchen, why should I choose a brand kitchen, what should I pay attention to?

The most important features that distinguish brand kitchens from carpentry furniture are; modern production technology, using materials of international standards, presenting the most accurate design suggestions according to your kitchen project, and after sales service is the most important subject.

Only the importance of price is concerned and consumers who prefer manufacturing under the stairs cannot find interlocutors when they encounter a problem, they seek to find solutions from different people, after a while they have to throw away their kitchen which has been devastated by the weakness of the materials used and renew it again. In this case, under-the-counter manufacturing, which is only attractive in terms of price, leaves the consumer in a difficult situation at the end of the work.

Question whether there is a certificate of conformity to E1 standards in the body and cover material used in the kitchen. Products with this certificate are reliable in terms of both health and endurance.

It is very important that the company you will decide while renovating your kitchen has expertise related to this business, it reduces your burden, assumes the work it does, and helps you immediately in case of possible mistakes and defects. Therefore, investigate the experience of the firm you prefer in the kitchen business.

You can get a reference by examining the companies serving in kitchen production in Germany from the internet.

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